briefing English

Welcome aboard! Before we begin our journey, I’d like to highlight some important information to ensure
your safety during the ride.

1. Life Jackets: First and foremost, everyone on board should be aware of the location of life jackets. They are easily
accessible and should be worn in case of an emergency. It is not mandatory, but you can use if you feel more
2. Safety Equipment: Onboard, we have safety equipment, including life jackets, buoys, and a life raft. Make sure you
know where these items are located.
3. Onboard Behavior: For your safety and the safety of other passengers, please maintain appropriate behavior while
on board. Do not lean out of the vessel and remain seated while the boat is in motion.
4. Crew Instructions: Our crew is experienced and here to ensure your safety. Please follow their instructions in case
of an emergency or when requested during the ride.
5. First Aid: We have a first aid kit on board. In case of injury or a medical need, please inform our crew immediately.
6. Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can change rapidly. Pay attention to the crew’s instructions in case of
rough sea conditions.
7. No Littering: To protect the marine environment, do not litter or throw objects into the sea. Use the designated
trash containers on board.
8. Use of the Toilet (WC): We have a restroom on board for your convenience. However, it’s important to remember
that disposing of toilet paper or other objects in the toilet can be harmful to the marine environment, may damage
the vessel’s system, and could potentially cause signi ficant buoyancy issues for the boat. Please use the designated
containers for toilet paper and trash disposal. Your cooperation in maintaining cleanliness and preserving the
environment on board is greatly appreciated.
9. Attention to the Wake and Other Considerations: As it is a sailboat, there are other things to keep in mind, such as
the wake created by the boat’s movement and other specific sailboat related considerations. Please follow the crew’s
instructions and guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
10. Food and Drink: If you are consuming food or beverages on board, please be careful to avoid spills or slips.
11. Musical Entertainment: You can enjoy your favorite music through our onboard sound system.
12. Welcome Drink: The first drink is complimentary, and we offer water, Coca Cola, fruit juice, and beer as options.
13. White Wine: We have white wine available, which is not included in the welcome drinks and is charged
separately. The price is 15 euros per large bottle and 8 euros per small bottle.
14. Payment Methods: We accept payments in cash, debit card, and credit card.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining cleanliness and preserving the environment on board.

Remember that your safety is our number one priority. We hope you enjoy the ride and have a wonderful
experience aboard our tourist vessel. In case of any questions or emergencies, do not hesitate to contact
our crew. Have a great trip!