Morning Tour

From: 120 € (1)
Duration: 1h
Start at: 11:00

This boat tour in Lisbon starts at 11:00 AM and lasts for one hour, with a cost of 150 euros. If an hour isn’t enough to fully enjoy the morning charms of the Tagus River, you can extend the tour to two hours for a total of 180 euros (contact the crew before the tour starts). This is the perfect timing for those who want to start the day on a cheerful note!

The maximum capacity is 6 people. Each participant is entitled to one drink, choosing from water, beer, or soda. We also offer snacks to satisfy your appetite!

We also have white wine on board. You can choose it by the glass for 3 euros each, or a selected bottle for only 15 euros per bottle.

We provide on-board catering services where, at the time of booking, you can choose in advance between a platter of cold cuts and cheeses or codfish pastries and savory snacks for an additional 40 euros, with a complimentary bottle of white wine.

In summary, it’s an excellent option before lunchtime!

For an additional 40 euros, a platter of cold cuts, toasts, and white wine is available.

(1) Our tours are private, this is the starting total price, based on the number of persons (2 to 6).
(2) Please mention this at the time of booking.