Night Tour

From: 180 € (1)
Duration: 2h
Start at: 22:00

Our boat tour in Lisbon night tour is simply stunning! With great music of your choice, you’ll appreciate Lisbon from the perspective of the Tagus River. The tranquility, the reflection of the city lights, and the enchanting atmosphere of this nighttime journey will evoke unique sensations in you. Come experience something indescribable, magical, and captivating!

The itinerary is relaxed, starting at Belém Tower, sailing up the Tagus River to Terreiro do Paço, returning by the Christ the King statue, and concluding at the Bom Sucesso dock in Belém. The tour begins one hour after sunset.

This tour, with a maximum capacity of 6 people, costs 220 euros. For an additional 40 euros, you’ll be treated to a platter of cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by a selected white wine. If it gets chilly, we’ll provide a warm tea made onboard with the crew’s care.

We’ll also have a cozy blanket to ensure you enjoy the tour in comfort!

For an additional 40 euros, a platter of cold cuts, toasts, and white wine is available.

(1) Our tours are private, this is the starting total price, based on the number of persons (2 to 6).
(2) Please mention this at the time of booking.